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Bill Gates Satoshi Nakamoto Taylor Swift
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Ariana Grande Cristiano Ronaldo Floyd Mayweather

Based On

Based on Piero Manzoni’s Artist’s shit, created in 1961, which had an impressive impact on the whole art market with its provocative and groundbreaking idea, Shitoshi and his team decided to collect feces by famous people from all over the world. They collected 1500+ human feces in a matter of 2 years. Then, they packaged and preserved this precious biological matter in state-of-the-art cans and digitized them in a 100 NFTs collection: Shitties.


πŸ’© 5% royalty fee: 2.5% used for marketing and 2.5% used for monthly lottery (one lucky winner will take the pool)
πŸ’© Holding a NFT will assign entries to the monthly lottery: rarer NFTs will give multiple entries
πŸ’© Holding a NFT will whitelist your address for eventual new NFT drops by the artists
πŸ’© Holding a NFT at the date of the physical drop, will give the holder a chance to receive the physical can (10 out of 100 cans will be shipped)
πŸ’© Holding a NFT will give access to the Shitties holders private group

Who we are

We are a community of passionate collectors. We have been collecting the strangest things and selling them online for 15+ years. Anonymously. Our latest collection, Shitties, cost us more than 2 years of preparation before going into public sale. It also costed us a lot in terms of intelligence, logistics, instruments. For this specific collection, we have been searching in 45+ countries from all over the world. But now we’re ready to show the world, starting with our first digitalized NFT collection.


Step 1

πŸ’© Proprietary smart contract creation πŸ’© Private sale to art investors πŸ’© Exclusive minting πŸ’© Content creation and partnerships with promoters

Step 2

πŸ’© Heavy marketing campaign on Twitter, Telegram and Discord πŸ’© Organic promotion from our private sale backers πŸ’© PR campaign with 50+ top tier magazines πŸ’© Intensive ADV campaign on social media πŸ’© Listing on top-tier NFT aggregator πŸ’© NFT hodlers group creation πŸ’© Flappyshits game deploy

Step 3

πŸ’© Opener airdrop [further infos to be disclosed...] πŸ’© More influencer partnerships πŸ’© Listing on ItaliaNFT, the most exclusive art NFT marketplace in the art market πŸ’© First trading pool reward distributed to the first lucky hodler πŸ’© Get to the top 50 NFT collections by volume traded and worth πŸ’© Television promotion on art channels

Step 4

πŸ’© Physical exhibition backed by the same foundations that bought Piero Manzoni's art πŸ’© Develop physical Shitties based on NFT graphics πŸ’© Implementations of NFT utility and benefits πŸ’© Collaboration with top NFT collections πŸ’© Shitties exhibition in NFT museums

Step 5

πŸ’© Physical shitties shipping to 5 holders πŸ’© Modern art gallery exibition πŸ’© Top 10 NFT collections by volume traded and worth πŸ’© Original Shitties + opener derivative NFT to be airdropped to hodlers of both

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